January 21, 2010

Not yet...

As much as I want all of these children to find homes and hope to adopt one ourselves, it's just not our turn YET.   I just want to clarify that in case anyone thought we were in the process right now (first step is committing to a child then getting a homestudy done - we haven't done either yet).  We are still planning to and are committed to doing it.  We are setting aside some funds that will go exclusively to that end as the Lord graciously provides it.  I really WISH we could right now, but can't yet.  I don't know when, but hopefully sooner than later (however long that means I don't know).  We will definitely let everyone know as soon as we do! 

In the meantime I want to continue advocating by raising awareness and even some money for these children so they can find homes!  I will probably do some more cheesy fundraisers in the future for other children so watch out!  And for those of you who donated to the Snuggie raffle - I'll contact you by February 1st!  I'll literally write your names on paper and draw them out of a hat (likely an Anaheim Angels hat) :-)

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  1. I know the fundraising is slow going Marianne, but know that you are raising awareness to the plight of these babies. God's timing is always perfect so hang in there. Big hug to you!!