January 16, 2010

Dennis is desperately seeking a home!

UPDATE: HE NOW HAS $7500 IN HIS GRANT!!  So if you or anyone you know is UCSIS approved please consider saving sweet little Dennis!!!  

Sweet little Dennis desperately needs a family ASAP!  His 4th birthday is weeks away when he will be immediately transferred to an institution where his chance for survival is slim to none.  He will die without a family!  I just look back at my boys' 4th birthdays when it was a time for celebration. Birthdays are supposed to be a happy day for little boys, care free and fun.  Filled with cake, balloons, and friends.  But not for Dennis.  This poor boy has no idea the horror that awaits him on his 4th birthday.  If for any reason you know of someone who may be able to save him, pass this on!

Here is Reece's Rainbow's plea for him:

BOY, Born March 18, 2006

Dennis has lost his family at the 11th hour, and is in crisis need of a paper-ready, USCIS approved family to save him from an institution he can't be adopted out of.   
Dennis is a darling little boy with blonde hair and big blue eyes.   He is not very active, and he struggles with pulmonary artery stenosis and rickets.    He needs to get HOME, so he can have adequate medical care, sunshine, nutrition....so he really has a chance to achieve his true potential.   He is an orphanage favorite, but he won't survive a transfer to the institution.    Please consider rescuing this munchkin!!
Regrettably, this orphanage is one of the poorer ones, with very little outside aid and very little hope.    All of the children are tiny and undernourished.  These children are immediately transferred at 4, and have little chance of survival where they are sent.  All of our waiting children need families, but these have a critical need.  Please consider one of these children soon!! 

HE HAS A $5000 GRANT!!!

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