January 2, 2010

My sweet boys

This morning as I was busy putting the Christmas decorations away, my 3 boys were off in their bedroom playing. As I listened in, I overheard them playing "orphanage" with their stuffed animals. It was so sweet! They were each using play money to pay for the adoption fees. My 4 year old kept saying he was "buying" a baby, but his brothers promptly corrected him that they are "adopting" - no black market babies in this house! They then feed their babies some food because they were hungry :-) They have grown such genuine compassion in their little hearts for orphans! They are aware how blessed and loved they are and want to all kids to experience that.  I hope and pray they will continue to grow into loving and compassionate men.  Here's a picture I quickly captured on my phone:

1 comment:

  1. How sweet Marianne! They will be the best big brothers!