March 15, 2010

Ways to save

Someone else in the adoption blog world had the idea to post about ways people are cutting corners to save toward adoption.  So I thought I'd steal that idea and share some of my frugal tactics, and hope that some of you will share your ideas, too.

Thanks to my good friend, Jamy, I can now join the ranks of other coupon queens (I haven't reached the pro leagues, though, but with homeschooling three boys and going back to school, I am happy with my average savings).  On average I save at least 50% off my grocery bill by combining sales with coupons, and stockpile when the price is right. I have enough Shout, Downy, and All to last me through a couple of baseball seasons!  And Joel has enough free Mach something razors to last a couple of years.

Joel cuts the boys' hair.  I stretch my hair appointments to ever 5 or 6 months (thankfully my hair grows slowly).

I shop thrift stores.  I just bought a cashmere sweater for $4!  Sometimes I call it "thrift store therapy" and treat it like treasure hunting.  One time I bought two pair of designer jeans on there and made $100 selling them on eBay.  I donated it to a couple of cutie-pies on Reece's Rainbow.

I like to find bargains on Craigslist.  I've gotten some great deals on things for our house.

We don't have cable.  Our tv is limited to dvds and the occasional Gamecube play by the boys (and Dad).

My husband, a jack of all trades, has done the bulk of the updating of our 1970s home.  He is amazing!  The cost of labor for all the repairs and remodels would have been impossible for us if he wasn't willing/able to do it himself.

I'm sure there are other ways that I cut corners, but these are a few.  I'd love to hear other ideas!


  1. Great stuff!
    I shop at Old Navy and Gap for Lily. I get their credit card and charge all her clothes. I pay off the balance every month but I get coupons, and points for every dollar I spend. They have great sales like 50% off for the first 50 card holders. Old Navy is cheap in the first place so I stock pile clothes for her.
    When I travel, I use and look for the best deals.
    I use when I purchase online. If you sign up with them, make sure you use my email address and we will both get $5.00 in our accounts!
    I use coupons too!

  2. Not to mention the fact that you hem your own pants, and mine too! Thanks Marianne!

  3. And find cute jeans at Goodwill for your friends! :-)

  4. Hi we as a fmaily of 11 use the following thrifty ideas..we shop our local moms swap for our area on facebook..clothes toys etc..we shop kijiji for our area..we shop clearance sales..we buy from the gap clearance items..we make items by knitting etc..we recycle baby clothes into quilts and donate them.our motto is never pay full price ever ..even on vehicles electronics..we buy the kids used video games etc they dont care its all packageing..we dont buy costco and we make homemade food..hope this helps..