February 1, 2010

And the winner of the Snuggie is......

Jewelee Hotchkiss!!!  We put all the entries into a baseball cap and Sam drew Jewelee's name.  Jewelee and I have been friends since our awkward tween years twenty years ago.  She is still a dear friend in our awkward 30-something years ;-)   The Snuggie is ordered and on its way :-) 

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your prayers and support for Sofia!!  I know that her new family will be blessed and are very much appreciative of the kindness of people like you!!  I am so thankful and amazed that she was able to get a family commit to her so quickly.  They still have a lot of hurdles to overcome in getting her home, but your support helped them to overcome that crucial first one.

You can continue to follow Sofia's journey here: http://savingsofia.blogspot.com/


  1. Yea Jewelle!!! Did she tell you that she wanted to go ahead and have the snuggie mailed to my place for safe keeping?

    Missy B